Whenever I have been actively seeking new opportunities, I have successfully accomplished CV drops. On one occasion when I did a CV Drop at Manor Royal, Crawley, I received three calls, all of which were for a job interviews.

What is a CV drop?

A CV Drop is where you take CVs, alongside a cover letter to companies when you were actively seeking new opportunities in your local area. This is called speculative approach as it is a type of cold calling.

Eventhough each company “includes specific instructions”, says www.askmanager.org, it is important that you find out if the company accepts CV’s.

After a while, when you have completed more and more CV drops, you will be able to create and maintain a bigger list of companies and who deals with the recruitment. The lists that I have created and maintained have increased over the years as I’ve managed to complete more and more CV drops.

However, there is a down side. The recruitment staff may leave and a new member of staff joins the recruitment team, which will mean you will have to do more research.

Why should I do a CV drop?

How much do you want that job? Maybe it’s something that you need where you can gain experience or more money.

From personal experience, CV drops are the best way to find suitable work that you are capable of doing.

When should I do CV drops?

Whenever I have been actively seeking new opportunities, I do CV drops every 5 to 6 months, as most companies, who accept CV’s, keep your CV on file for six months but they do occasionally do it for three months or one year.

I always make sure my CV’s absolutely up-to-date keeping it to simple bullet points that are relevant to the types of jobs I am applying for or looking for. I highly recommend you do the same too.

How should I do CV drops?

I admit that it is going to take some effort and determination on your part, but if you follow these simple questions then it would be easier:

✓ What companies are in my area who I would like to work for?

✓ Of those companies, who deals with the Recruitment? (Research who deals with the Recruitment you can do this via LinkedIn and by calling the company both of these have work for me).

✓ What do I know about these companies? (These is where it becomes fun. You will need to do research on these companies. Think of the big things, like when they started trading, a new CEO maybe, etc)

Once you have done this, you are ready to construct a cover letter.

My CV Drops

I will post here with any CV Drops I do. Watch this space!

Crawley 21/01/17

Manor Royal 24/01/17

Manor Royal 09/08/17

Manor Royal 15/09/17

Crawley 16/09/17


I have posted another post, where I tall about what companies think about accepting CV’s and how to research companies to find out if they do accept CV’s.


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