My time as a Personal Shopper at Tesco


My name is Jamie, and I was a Personal Shopper for Tesco.

Being at the very beginning of a job can be a challenge. Do I have dreams and goals of working up the company ladder? Yes, I certainly do. But, while this role was only in a beginning for me within a warehouse environment, I could see value, trust and honesty of being a team member of this great company.

I yearn for these opportunities in the future, and I have learned a valuable role at Tesco.

Being a Personal Shopper is something everybody needs. Double checking all inventory on a hand-held machine is all part of making the company reliable, trustworthy and value. My role as a warehouse worker does not come easy. Always moving around. Always looking at orders, picking the correct products, double check in quantities, and packing is all part of the process and the colleagues I work with everyday.

I have completed overtime at Tesco, for the experience and to get a feeling for the other departments: Loading and Replenishment.

Loading was very enjoyable where at first, I did make a few mistakes. But who does not make makes mistakes? I was trained very well and I learnt quickly. If you were to work at Tesco, I would highly recommend working within the Loading department.

For Replenishment, they wanted me to fill two aisles within a three hour time period. On the first shift with the Replenishment department, I was told by a more experienced member of staff to do one side of an aisle, followed by the other side of the aisle. I found it easier and quicker to do that, so I continued doing it like that until I completed my contract.

Follow up on Company Hunt

After I completed the Company Hunt on Saturday 12 August 2017, I researched every company to find out how they recruit staff, if they accept CV’s in person, and who deals with their recruitment.

How did you research companies from the Company Hunt?

Initially, I went through paperwork for my CV drop in Manor Royal on 24 January 2017 to remind myself of what companies I visited, how to apply for vacancies and who deals with the Recruitment. I also went through two editions of Manor Royal News newsletters, and a log sheet with telephone calls I made before.

I then went online to find out if I could get the information are required to complete another CV drop, along with the telephone numbers to confirm what I read.

Any companies that I could not receive information for online, I called them to enquire about this information.

How do the companies recruit?

With the paperwork from the CV drop and the telephone call log sheet, mentioned above:

✓ Three are online
✓ Two via e-mail
✓ Four I will call to enquire about vacancies
✓ Two that accept CV’s

I did look on several of the company websites and found that a number of them tell you to apply online.

After doing some online research, I called the majority of the companies (including those ones I needed to call from my CV Drop) and I was surprised with the results.

✓ Three companies are online
✓ One through Search Consultancy (a recruitment agency)
✓ One had no vacancies,
✓ One requires qualifications
✓ Five companies do accept CV’s in person
✓ Four telephone numbers kept ringing

What will you do now?

Now, I will neatly handwrite a cover letters to those eight companies who accept CV’s from CV Drops, which will take me about 30 minutes for each cover letter.

What is a job interview?

What is a job interview?

A job interview is for the company / interviewer to see, in more detail, if you are good enough for a particular job that you have applied for.

How is a job interview conducted? Why?

This varies, depending on the company, as companies have different staff structures and each company has different ways of dealing with recruitment. I have found that company do not always say why they conduct interviews the way they do. If they do say why, they would normally say it is the way that the owners want it.
I have had job interviews where it was just an informal chat, and others, at the other end of the scale, competency based interviews.

How do I get job interviews?

There are many ways you can get a job interview:

✓ Apply for jobs through company websites, like Sainsbury’s and Tesco

✓ Filling and handing in an application form, like Morrisons

✓ Apply for jobs through job boards, like CV LibraryIndeed and Total Jobs

✓ Speculative / cold call approach to companies via social media / networking (like LinkedIn), telephone calls, referrals or in person

✓ Through recruitment agencies, like Office Angels and Reed

Who would interview the interviewees?

This also depends on the company. If it is a large company, then one of the recruiters from their recruitment team would interview the interviewees. However, if it is a small or micro company, then it would be either a manager or the owner of the company.

Composing and maintaining project records

What are project records?

Project records are documents where you can record all of your job search records for example if you were told by the Job Centre Plus to sign up to a job board (CV-LibraryIndeedReed, etc.), you write that down that you are going to do this. Once you have successfully signed up to a job board, write it down. If you also managed to complete your job board profile, also write it down.

Why should I compose and maintain project records?

If you are currently unemployed and attending the Jobcentre Plus, they will tell you to record all job search, and anything that is linked to job searching.

How and when should I compose and maintain project records?

The Job Centre Plus for you get you to sign up to Universal Jobmatch (UJ), where you have to add or create a CV, look for work, and the best thing is … you can record your job search on the “Activity history” section. This means you do not need to take any paperwork with you.

However, if you’re not able to get online easily, you can write down your job search on something called a “Job Log”, which is similar to your “Activity history” section on Universal Jobmatch.

You should write down your projects as soon as you complete a project. Any projects that you think of throughout the day write then down immediately you do not forget what you need to do. Do you like shopping? Think about your job search as a shopping list. What do I need to get? Have I got it?

Company Hunt, Manor Royal 12/08/17

Aim: To gather companies to research as part of my job search.

What did you do on Saturday? Why?

Eventhough it was a Saturday, I visited Manor Royal for a company hunt, where I went around to find out what companies there were. I needed to do this to help me for research and future CV Drops, which in turn helps with my job search.

Where in you Manor Royal did you visit?

Here is the list (over two pages) of the companies I went past:

Page one of companies found
Page two of companies

Here is routine I took:

✓ Rutherford Way
✓ Gatwick International Distribution Centre
✓ Gatwick Road (including Forgewood Industrial Estate, Sussex Manor Business Park)
✓ Fleming Way
✓ Betts Way
✓ Manor Royal
✓ Compton Way

How did you plan for the company hunt?

I did not plan for the company hunt in advance. It was at short notice, and a relative drove me around parts of Manor Royal, which helped me loads.

What have you planned to do next, after the company hunt?

After completing the company hunt, I planned to do research on each of the companies I wrote down.
My research will include the following:

✎ What does the company do?

✎ What is their recruitment process? Will I be able to hand in a CV and cover letter, speculatively?

✎ Who deals with the recruitment side of things?

What next?

I will be:

✎ Researching the companies to find out what they do

✎ Researching who deals with the recruitment at each company

✎ Writing a blog post on the research I do

✎ Handwriting cover letters to the person who deals with recruitment in each company

✎ Completing a CV Drop or two

✎ Writing a blog post about the CV Drop(s)


If you know of anybody who works within the companies mentioned above, please comment below, or message me on LinkedIn. Thank you

Subway to create 5000 new jobs

Why did this article catch your eye?

This article caught my eye because I know a few people who could be interested in working for Subway who have some experience with dealing with food.

What have you heard about Subway’s interview techniques?

I have heard only one thing about Subway and their interview techniques.

I had a friend who went for an interview with subway in Crawley, West Sussex, and when he had a call back about the interview, they declined because he wasn’t learning quick enough. When he told me about it, I shook my head in disbelief. I believe this was too harsh because people learn differently and at different speeds.

Personally, I would do it as quality, not quantity because it is best to complete a job well rather than doing it quickly and making a load of mistakes.

What types of jobs are there at Subway?

Here are brief job descriptions for both management and Sandwich Artist positions.

How would I apply for jobs at Subway?

You can either visit their website, or visit them instore with a completed paper application form (please contact the Subway store you are interested in to see if they are happy to accept paper application forms).

Who deals with the recruitment at Subway?

Here is the only person I found on LinkedIn who deals with the recruitment at Subway:

Victoria Miles (Associate CIPD), HR & Training Advisor

Other Subway staff

Scott Anderson, Franchisee

Jayne Hood, Area Manager

Chris Taylor, Area Manager

CV Drops (part 2)

Following on from my last blog post about CV drops from 24 July 2017, I have noticed some employers do not mind accepting CV’s, but other dislike it.

I know times do change, but I have found that doing CV Drops work better for me. It will work for some, but not others. It is down to research and perseverance.
With what I have read, I will say my views and try to explain my reasons.

The first, third and forth pictures / screenshots are from Chron.


Most of the time, it is beneficial to do CV Drops, as you are (most of the time) able to meet the correct contact. It does depend on how much research you have done on the company. Some questions you should ask yourself and research:

✏ Do they accept CV’s?

✏ Who deals with the recruitment in the company?

✏ Do they work in your local or desired store, warehouse, etc.?

I always ask to speak to the person I put on my cover letter. Most of the time, the person does meet and speak to me. If the correct person is unavailable to meet me, I give my CV to the receptionist, or whoever is available. I ask them for proof that I turned up by filling out a basic form I created myself. This is what it looks like:

I ask for this to be filled in by the person I handed my CV to, and I will produce this information to the Job Centre Plus at my next appointment.

Sometimes, the intended recipient, the named recruiter, does not receive my CV and cover letter. I only find out when I follow up by giving the recruiter a call about 3 working days later. This is a disadvantage for any jobseeker and can be very frustrating, as personal information had been mislaid.


Now, sometimes I get asked to send a CV via e-mail, which is very rarely. I do not mind doing this, as it generally goes straight to the recruiter I researched.


Most, if not all employers, will state what the application method is on the job description (online and hard copy).

Personally, if I was a recruiter, I would expect them to visit, as it shows not only willingness, but they can also show how good they are at communicating. Communication is key in every company.

This reply on a thread I found was interesting to see because it does not only work with just retail and entry level positions.

When I was actively seeking new employment before I started working for Tesco, I completed a CV Drop and secured three interviews within the same week. All of these interviews were within warehouse environments. One of these was an apprenticeship, so entry level jobs do come into it sometimes.

I disagree that when somebody has done the research, then visited you to hand over their CV, but you do not see them. To me, it is impolite, very rude and the person who deals with the recruitment has wasted somebody else’s time. I would never work for a company that has employees like that.

On a CV, a recruiter can see what experience, skills and education somebody has, but they may not have met the applicant personally, until the interview. They are judging the book by its cover. They would need to at least read the introduction of a book (accepting CV’s in person) before starting Chapter One (the job interview).

CV Drops work better for some, but will not work for others. It is trial and error. But once again, it is not only entry level jobs (or an interview for entry level jobs) that could come from this.
Even if somebody gets an interview, but does not get tthe job, they can ask for feedback (both positive and constructive).

E-mailing CV’s / resumes and applying online “can sometimes pay off” is correct because it is unlikely it will pay off immediately.


I respect that each company are different in the way they receive applications, which is why I do research on the companies before I do any CV Drop.

If a particular person who deals with recruitment works in my local area (Crawley or Manor Royal), I understand that they are busy, but I would respect them much more if they did come and meet me, as I have made the effort to not only do the relevant research, but to visit them in person too.

Completing CV Drops is a form of networking, and even if the company does accept CV’s, but have no current vacancies, they do sometimes give suggestions to other visit other companies.

CV Drop: Manor Royal (09/08/17)

Aim: To find suitable work by researching companies I would like to work for, and visit them with a CV and a personalised cover letter.

Crawter’s Brook People’s Park, Manor Royal Business District

After quite a bit of research, I visited for companies in Manor Royal, Crawley to hand CV’s out. Those companies were VolkswagenEezehaulToolstation and Silca Ltd. I receive proof I attended these companies.

I liaised with the staff with different job titles, two of which got me wondering what they do in these job roles: CSR and Host.

I have researched both of these job titles and found out that CSR means Customer Service Representative. On the same page, it also showed the job summary, the responsibilities and similar job titles. The Host job title showed the job summery, the responsibilities and similar job titles.

I demonstrated excellent customer service and communication skills.

With the proof I received, I looked up the contacts on LinkedIn, but could not find any of them on LinkedIn to connect with.

The Terrace, Manor Royal Business District

I will take the proof to the Job Centre Plus when I see them on my next appointment.

I believe I successfully accomplished this task I set out to do, as I managed hand out three CV’s to three out of the four companies.

I was logical in how I went about this. I walked to Gatwick Road, where Volkswagen is, then on to Tinsley Lane for Eezehaul. Afterwards, I continued to walk on Gatwick Road for Toolstation and on to Lloyds Court, just off Manor Royal (the road name) for Silca Ltd.

I believe I was energetic and enthusiastic when I visited these four companies to hand CV’s out.

Ikea unpacks three more British stores

Why did this article catch your eye? 

This article caught my ass because Ikea are expanding to Sheffield, Exeter and Greenwich, London, creating “more than 1,300 British jobs”

When will Ikea’s Sheffield, Exeter and Greenwich, London stores open?

The Sheffield store will open in the summer of this year (2017) and will be located on Sheffield Road, Tinsley.

The Exeter store will open in the early summer of 2018 and will be located on Newcourt Way.

The Greenwich store The final plans were to be handed in, in February of this year to the Borough of Greenwich.

Would you be interested in working for Ikea?

I have visited Ikea, Croydon store, and the staff are fantastic. They are friendly and very helpful.

If they were to be an IKEA store in Crawley, West Sussex, I would most definitely apply for jobs to work for them, so I can help keep the excellent customer service going.

How should I apply for a job at Ikea?

Ikea’s website says to visit their jobs page. Have a look to see if your local Ikea is recruiting.

Above is more information about Greenwich, London and about jobs.

Who are the main people who deals with recruitment at Ikea?

✓ Ann Williams, HR Business Partner

✓ Aiofe McCarthy, HR Manager

 Emily Kellett, HR Manager

Other staff at Ikea

✓ Peter Agnefjäll, CEO & President

✓ Gillian Drakeford, Ikea UK & Ireland Country Retail Manager

✓ Garry Deakin, Sheffield Store Manager

✓ Nick Earl, Exeter Store Manager


Sheffield store: 380 jobs in store and 100 call centre jobs.

Exeter store: Ikea has invested £80m in this store.

Blog updates

Corrected a few minor spelling mistakes

Expansion plans for Superdrug

i, Monday 10 July 2017, Number 2067 p42

Why did this article catch your eye?
This newspaper article caught my eye because Watson is expanding and creating “more than 1,000 jobs”.

What does this meam to people seeking work?

This depends on the jobseeker. What role are they looking for? Do they have the right skills and experience for that role?

Obviously Superdrug,The Perfume Shop and Savers are Retail environments, but do have other departments too.

How do I apply for a job for these high street chains?

Superdrug: To search and apply for roles, you would need to visit their job section of their website.

The Perfume Shop: To search and apply for roles, you would need to visit their job section of their website.

Savers: To search and apply for roles, you would need to visit and sign up to their job section of their website.

Who deals with the Recruitment for each of these high street chains?

Superdrug: Charlotte Olney, Resourcing Manager

The Perfume Shop: Helen Gardiner MCIPD, Head of HR

Savers: Jon Angell, HR Business Partner